The main characters of The Last Cato, the super best seller of Matilde Asensi, are back in a new and extraordinary adventure.

What do they have in common the Silk Road, the sewers of Istanbul, Marco Polo, Mongolia and the Holy Land? This is what the main characters of ‘The Last Cato’, Ottavia Salina and Farag Boswell have to find out risking again their lives to solve a mystery that started in the first century of our era.

Fifteen years after the extraordinary adventure that they pursued and that made them discover the tomb of Constantin the Great, they both live together and work peacefully in Toronto, far away from dangers, arqueological explorations or mystery solving. They are just dedicated to their investigation jobs in the University.

But their tranquility suddenly disappears when the Simonson, one of the major fortunes of the world, offer them the last fragment of the Vera Cruz if they collaborate in the search of nine ossuaries that had disappeared in the XIII century.

Ottavia and Farag finally accept and they start an investigation that will question history as we know it, that will endanger their lives and their beliefs making them confront the discovery of the most important –and dangerous– relic of Christianity.

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